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Is it opened at the time ??

Yes it is for take out only...with very limited selection though...only 2 hot bars are open unless you order from the menu

Do they have fried oysters in the afternoon?


This place is so nasty I found a freaking fly in my lemonade.the food is not good quality.And don't get me started on the service the servants are so rude they take so long to get your drinks.they are some lazy asses who just whant the money and tip.

I agree the waitress seem like she was in rush to get you out the way

They were being so slow and also being rude and I was waiting 1 hour in line to eat

The food was presented well and the buffet was neat, clean and refreshed often. Overall busy but good... Service was ok

Did this place get a new owner or manager in the past year or two? The quality of the food, like their sanitation score, has really gone down.

I am not sure if they have new management, however, the food quality have decreased, the prices went up...the serving area is clean, the plates are clean...

All you can eat

Awesomeness is all i can say

Can I order from the menu

The habachi section is made to order, you select exactly what you want and pass it the the cook instructing rice or noodle type of sauce if any whether you want spicy or not. It is part of the buffet.

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